Below you will find a list of service we offer at E.A.G!
EAG Auto Repair
Vehicle Diagnostics


E.A.G. offers complete Factory-Level computer diagnostics and systems evaluation. We will go over the results and discuss the necessary actions to repair your European Import in a professional and timely manner.

Service Fee:  $300.00 per hour

European Car Repair
Repairs and Installations


At E.A.G., we are capable of performing any and all repairs on your European Import. Whether the job is big or small, rest assured that our Technicians will get you back on the road. 

Service Fee:  $300.00 per hour

Timing Belt Services


Audi, Volkswagen and Volvo Timing Belt Service (Applies to Classic Porsches & Most Ferrari's). Audi, Volkswagen and Volvo recommend a timing belt service between 85,000 to 100,000 mile intervals (it is recommended that your service facility checks the condition of your Timing Belt during regular maintenance intervals). Failure to maintain your timing belt can cause severe and expensive engine damage.

Other Exotic sports car models require a more frequent Timing Belt replacement. Call us to schedule an inspection.

Service Fee:  Call for Quote

Timing Belt Service
Performance Services


At European Auto Group, we are all about individuality. Your car represents you and your character. From simple esthetic alterations to full custom design and performance tuning, we are positive that European Auto Group can turn your dream project into a reality!

Service Fee: Call for Quote

San Antonio Auto Performance
Welding and Fabrication
Auto Body and Collision Repair
Custom Upholstery
Welding and Fabrication                       Auto Body Work                        Custom Upholstery


At European Auto Group, we also offer, Welding and Fabrication work, Auto Body customization and collision repairs, Body Esthetics and Alterations and Vinyl Wraps, and Custom interior Upholstery.

Service Fee:  Call for Quote