Toyota made the Supra Even Better?

The Supra gets a 50hp bump, but still no manual...

With the arrival of the much anticipated 2020 MK5 Supra, it was clear from the beginning that it would become a favorite amongst car enthusiasts across the world. The car quickly became subject to critique when the announcement came that Toyota would be partnering with BMW to create a modern version of a cult classic car.

This was no surprise that the purists would be upset and to be honest I was even a little skeptical about the cross branding, seeing as this was, in my eyes, the rebirth of the classic sport hatch that in many ways helped start my curiosity toward Japanese cars. But after being around the new rendition of the supra for some time now I can say with full confidence that it truly is a great car worthy of the Supra name. The car is an absolute riot to drive, making all the right noises while tearing up the asphalt and looking, oh so good, while doing it.

Now what really makes me curious about Toyota's wonderful little sports coupe is the response that it has received from the Motorsports world and to be honest it has been amazing. From the second that the car landed into the public's hands it was off to the races to see who could be the first. Whether it be the first to make a thousand horsepower, (Papadakis Racing) or the first to have a manual transmission (humble brag, EAG) the race had begun and man, was it fun to watch and be a part of.

World's First and Only Manual 2020 Toyota MKV Supra

Now, the reason that I think yields the new Supra as being such a target for the Motorsport community is because of the lineage and history that the Supra name carries with it, this is, in my opinion, the car community doing its job to carry on the legacy of the supra.

To make things more exciting, Toyota has only begun with its revamp of their most recognizable sports car which just adds to the fun, with the announcement of changes coming to the car next year in 2021 it seems like we are just breaking the surface in the world of aftermarket parts and racing.

2021 Toyota A91 Supra, AP

The car is expected to have an increase in horsepower through the turbocharged inline six bringing the car up to an impressive 382 horsepower out of the box. That's an increase of nearly 50 horsepower from the 2020 variant, and 368 foot pounds of torque. This, in turn, also leads to a drop in the 0-60 time from 4.1 seconds to 3.9 seconds. This was achieved by a new design to the exhaust manifold allowing air to enter the turbocharger at a more efficient rate and also allows for better heat management.

The car also will be receiving some support to the suspension and differential which will assist keeping that extra 50 horsepower glued to the ground. These changes include bracing to the strut towers for added rigidity and also the ability to tune damper in the suspension, revisions to the electrical power steering, adaptive suspension, and active rear diff to add for more adjustment for the driver are also included in the 2021 model. Another thing to be on the lookout for coming out of Toyota in 2021 will be the four cylinder variant of the supra coming in at 255 hp and 295lb-ft of torque and weighing 200 pounds less that its 6 cylinder big brother.

Lastly Toyota also announced that they will be producing a limited run of 1000 Supras that will carry the A91 badge. This will be a different run than the GR Supras released in 2020, the A91 will be noticable not by the red mirrors this time but by the carbon lip, Matte black wheels, and a black alcantara interior capped off with blue stitching to match the limited edition color they labeled “Refraction” which will only be available in the A91 version of the car.

These improvements from Toyota only help the advancement of the new supra turning it into the next target chassis for your favorite Motorsports activity, whether that is formula drift or GT4 circuit racing, this car will be seen doing it all. The only downside is that a manual variant will still not be offered from Toyota, but that problem can be easily fixed by the Gated Six Division of European Auto Group, in San Antonio, Texas.

I must say, that after watching how people have approached this new highly anticipated chassis I am extremely excited for the future of the car. With the revisions coming from Toyota and the wide range of talented mechanics and engineers across the world, I believe this car is on the verge of something incredible. So don't be surprised when you see one of these tearing up the asphalt or, even better, the track.

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