The Next M4 Is Here And It’s… Different.

Yes, it’s going to look like that...

Before we talk about the car… yes it’s going to look like that. But beaver teeth aside let’s talk a little bit about what we can expect from the next evolution of the 4 series.

As for options there will still be a coupe, convertible, and a grand coupe option much like previous years. Now for the meat and potatoes, the driveline will consist of similar turbocharged 4 and 6 cylinder options found in the new 3 series models.

We expect the M4 to make 473 horsepower (503 on models with the Competition package) and 442 lb-ft of torque. That energy will likely be sorted through an eight-speed automatic transmission or hopefully, available manual gearbox. The M4 should also offer either rear- or all-wheel drive. A standard set of adaptive dampers, optional carbon-ceramic brakes, and some upgraded hardware for Competition models are expected to highlight its performance roster.

Down the road we can definitely expect an M4 to come onto the market and there are talks of some special options. It is rumored that the M4 will package a twin turbocharged in-line six cylinder with the possibility of an all wheel drive system. Now I can only imagine a BMW powered all wheel drive coupe and it sounds like it would be a riot.

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